Advecs real estate agency

Tyumen' "Advecs" department asked us to make new agency automation system. We had to create CRM, mobile app and selling website. We did it well.


We have made features for cross-sales and customer sharing between agents, which significantly increased in-agency P2P sales rate.

We have implemented property search and comparison. This reduced the search time significantly. Besides that we fixed all the loopholes which allowed agents to cheat and take away clients.

The site converts visitors into customers. To do this, the site has several mechanisms leading visitors to the form of sending contact information.


It allows comfortable working out of the office


3,163 work hours

7challenges resolved

32% less time needed for making a deal

"JetTeam was really careful about our requests while working on our CRM, website and mobile app. They're easy to talk to as well. Highly recommended."

Sukharev Arthur, Deputy Director of Advecs Real Agency Estate Development, Tyumen.

  • Date: 2014
  • Client: Advecs
  • Category: Automation